AGNs in the Southern Sky Redshift Survey

Collaborators: Christopher N.A. Willmer (UCO/Lick), Bruno M. Rossetto (OV/UFRJ), Mariana R. da Costa (OV/UFRJ), H. Schmitt (UVirginia) joining the team now, and Rodolfo S. Machado (IF/UFF) in old times.

This project aims to identify Seyfert galaxies in the Southern Sky Redshift Survey (da Costa et al. 1998), a magnitude limited survey (m=15.5), and examine the host properties and search for possible correlations with the nearby environment which may trigger or enhance the nuclear activity. In the papers of Maia et al. (2003,2004) are presented some conclusions reached so far. Also, there is a .pdf file of the talk presented in the IAU Symp 222 - The Interplay Among Black Holes, Stars and ISM in Galactic Nuclei. Some of the results are listed below:

1- Most Seyferts are distributed between morphological types S0a and Sb. Also, about 10% of them are in hosts presenting evidence of ongoing merger. See figure 1.

2- Seyferts are twice as frequent in barred hosts, when compared to regular galaxies. See figure 2.


3- Seyferts show the same preference for group environments as normal galaxies. See figure


4- The luminosity distribution of Seyfert galaxies (empty squares) is displayed inf the figure below. The luminosity of the parent sample SSRS2 is also shown (filled circles). results obtained by other authors are also shown for comparison.