A3565 is a nearby poor cluster located in the Centaurus Concentration, which contains the galaxy IC 4296 , a well-known radio and X-ray source. Previous works on this galaxy show that it has a large mass and extended profile, both of which could be interpreted as being the result of mergers of smaller galaxies. A3565 has other interesting properties such diffuse X-ray emission originating in its Intracluster Medium, a pair of interacting galaxies (NGC 5215 A and B) , and galaxies with common haloes or disturbed morphologies.
In a survey of a 2 × 2 degrees region we extended the coverage of the luminosity function of this system to M* + 3 mag , identifying 16 new members, more than doubling the previously known sample of cluster galaxies. The enlarged data set allowed a more robust estimation of the dynamical properties of this system which are typical of similar poor clusters. The overall picture we find for A3565 is consistent with a scenario in which galaxy formation may be still underway in this low-mass system.

The region we studied also contains galaxies belonging to the Shapley Concentration cluster A3560. This cluster is located in a fairly complex region of the sky, and with the present sample, the assignment of galaxies to the cluster is fraught with uncertainties, given that our magnitude limit is fairly bright, close to M*. Our preliminary results suggest that the galaxy GDP 1 , which is a dumbbell system, should be close to the centre of what we call A3560 (there is some controversy in the literature about what and where this cluster is). In the postage stamp the nuclei are not resolved because of the dynamic range in our GIF image. However both nuclei are easily seen in the original DSS fits sub-image.

Clickable Map for the region around A3565

This map shows the distribution on the sky of galaxies we detected in a 2 × 2 degrees region centred on IC 4296. Symbol sizes are related to the apparent magnitude of galaxies while shapes and colours represent radial velocity intervals :

black blue green brown yellow red purple
no cz cz < 3000 3000 < cz < 5000 5000 < cz < 10000 10000 < cz < 13000 13000 < cz < 16000 16000 < cz

id=WMMA001 ra=13:28:39.6 dec=-34:32:19 r=11.03 v=  2425 id=WMMA002 ra=13:28:40.4 dec=-34:15:48 r=15.84 v=     0 id=WMMA003 ra=13:28:47.6 dec=-34:06:48 r=15.49 v= 13798 id=WMMA004 ra=13:28:49.6 dec=-32:59:09 r=14.43 v= 16554 id=WMMA005 ra=13:28:53.1 dec=-33:07:23 r=13.89 v=  7759 id=WMMA006 ra=13:28:53.2 dec=-32:56:21 r=15.84 v= 15449 id=WMMA007 ra=13:28:56.4 dec=-32:38:12 r=14.10 v= 14780 id=WMMA008 ra=13:28:58.9 dec=-32:58:52 r=13.30 v=  3519 id=WMMA009 ra=13:29:01.2 dec=-32:56:18 r=15.35 v= 14852 id=WMMA010 ra=13:29:02.0 dec=-33:23:48 r=16.13 v=     0 id=WMMA011 ra=13:29:03.1 dec=-32:58:39 r=11.69 v=  3745 id=WMMA012 ra=13:29:08.9 dec=-33:47:07 r=15.45 v= 14246 id=WMMA013 ra=13:29:09.0 dec=-33:47:45 r=16.28 v=     0 id=WMMA014 ra=13:29:09.6 dec=-32:50:12 r=16.09 v=     0 id=WMMA015 ra=13:29:10.9 dec=-32:38:20 r=16.28 v=     0 id=WMMA016 ra=13:29:12.9 dec=-32:48:34 r=15.60 v=     0 id=WMMA017 ra=13:29:13.1 dec=-32:37:29 r=15.27 v= 14033 id=WMMA018 ra=13:29:14.4 dec=-33:31:58 r=15.39 v=  8755 id=WMMA019 ra=13:29:16.5 dec=-33:03:41 r=15.06 v= 13820 id=WMMA020 ra=13:29:17.5 dec=-32:45:13 r=14.65 v= 14807 id=WMMA021 ra=13:29:18.8 dec=-33:07:46 r=15.51 v=     0 id=WMMA022 ra=13:29:19.0 dec=-33:03:32 r=15.46 v=  7539 id=WMMA023 ra=13:29:19.6 dec=-32:40:35 r=15.09 v= 14214 id=WMMA024 ra=13:29:19.7 dec=-34:06:19 r=16.35 v=     0 id=WMMA025 ra=13:29:19.9 dec=-33:20:32 r=16.17 v=     0 id=WMMA026 ra=13:29:19.9 dec=-32:40:22 r=15.09 v= 14801 id=WMMA027 ra=13:29:22.4 dec=-32:52:14 r=15.54 v= 14541 id=WMMA028 ra=13:29:24.6 dec=-33:07:15 r=14.76 v= 15292 id=WMMA243 ra=13:29:27.5 dec=-32:53:17 r=16.64 v= 13502 id=WMMA029 ra=13:29:28.6 dec=-32:39:48 r=15.20 v= 15703 id=WMMA030 ra=13:29:29.7 dec=-32:53:45 r=15.19 v= 14868 id=WMMA031 ra=13:29:33.4 dec=-32:58:55 r=14.89 v= 13880 id=WMMA032 ra=13:29:34.5 dec=-32:52:53 r=15.29 v= 14734 id=WMMA033 ra=13:29:35.3 dec=-32:52:44 r=14.44 v= 14724 id=WMMA034 ra=13:29:37.0 dec=-32:50:50 r=15.80 v=     0 id=WMMA035 ra=13:29:39.1 dec=-32:59:35 r=14.93 v= 14592 id=WMMA036 ra=13:29:40.1 dec=-32:54:20 r=15.72 v= 14595 id=WMMA037 ra=13:29:41.0 dec=-32:54:55 r=16.15 v=     0 id=WMMA038 ra=13:29:43.1 dec=-32:53:53 r=14.72 v= 12516 id=WMMA039 ra=13:29:44.0 dec=-33:02:47 r=16.05 v=     0 id=WMMA040 ra=13:29:46.2 dec=-32:51:30 r=15.09 v= 15410 id=WMMA041 ra=13:29:46.3 dec=-32:51:30 r=14.94 v= 15031 id=WMMA042 ra=13:29:50.9 dec=-34:38:31 r=16.29 v=     0 id=WMMA043 ra=13:29:54.5 dec=-32:58:58 r=15.33 v= 14222 id=WMMA044 ra=13:29:55.6 dec=-33:08:46 r=15.84 v=     0 id=WMMA045 ra=13:29:59.8 dec=-32:46:43 r=15.01 v= 13410 id=WMMA047 ra=13:30:00.6 dec=-32:46:20 r=15.89 v= 13451 id=WMMA049 ra=13:30:02.8 dec=-34:26:34 r=16.32 v=     0 id=WMMA050 ra=13:30:03.8 dec=-33:03:46 r=16.31 v=     0 id=WMMA051 ra=13:30:04.3 dec=-32:54:50 r=15.04 v= 15749 id=WMMA052 ra=13:30:05.9 dec=-33:07:02 r=16.09 v=     0 id=WMMA053 ra=13:30:07.9 dec=-32:51:31 r=15.66 v= 15127 id=WMMA054 ra=13:30:09.6 dec=-32:49:32 r=15.95 v=     0 id=WMMA055 ra=13:30:11.3 dec=-32:50:38 r=14.50 v= 15006 id=WMMA056 ra=13:30:11.7 dec=-34:02:28 r=15.08 v= 14435 id=WMMA057 ra=13:30:13.0 dec=-32:57:32 r=14.88 v= 13732 id=WMMA058 ra=13:30:13.6 dec=-32:54:47 r=16.10 v=     0 id=WMMA059 ra=13:30:14.9 dec=-33:02:41 r=15.53 v= 14838 id=WMMA060 ra=13:30:15.5 dec=-34:11:36 r=15.04 v=  7451 id=WMMA061 ra=13:30:24.7 dec=-32:57:45 r=16.25 v=     0 id=WMMA241 ra=13:30:25.1 dec=-34:12:38 r=15.70 v=  3471 id=WMMA062 ra=13:30:30.3 dec=-33:41:15 r=15.70 v=     0 id=WMMA063 ra=13:30:31.0 dec=-32:49:35 r=15.33 v= 14490 id=WMMA064 ra=13:30:32.0 dec=-32:59:34 r=15.90 v=     0 id=WMMA065 ra=13:30:34.0 dec=-33:41:35 r=16.28 v= 22010 id=WMMA066 ra=13:30:34.5 dec=-33:40:49 r=15.66 v=     0 id=WMMA067 ra=13:30:34.7 dec=-33:45:33 r=14.72 v=  3721 id=WMMA068 ra=13:30:45.8 dec=-32:57:04 r=15.68 v=     0 id=WMMA069 ra=13:30:51.9 dec=-33:08:41 r=15.90 v=     0 id=WMMA070 ra=13:30:55.0 dec=-32:54:46 r=15.10 v= 15355 id=WMMA071 ra=13:30:55.9 dec=-32:56:60 r=16.12 v= 14957 id=WMMA072 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dec=-33:29:49 r=13.78 v= 11567 id=WMMA146 ra=13:34:06.8 dec=-33:34:15 r=16.31 v=     0 id=WMMA147 ra=13:34:07.1 dec=-33:29:27 r=14.90 v=  4099 id=WMMA148 ra=13:34:09.4 dec=-33:55:01 r=15.01 v= 21348 id=WMMA149 ra=13:34:10.9 dec=-33:34:04 r=14.07 v= 14091 id=WMMA150 ra=13:34:17.0 dec=-33:30:29 r=15.71 v=     0 id=WMMA151 ra=13:34:17.0 dec=-33:32:16 r=16.35 v=     0 id=WMMA152 ra=13:34:28.3 dec=-34:38:06 r=15.83 v= 29247 id=WMMA153 ra=13:34:29.1 dec=-33:29:07 r=16.10 v=     0 id=WMMA154 ra=13:34:36.6 dec=-32:45:10 r=13.29 v=  3776 id=WMMA155 ra=13:34:38.4 dec=-33:13:23 r=15.41 v= 11275 id=WMMA156 ra=13:34:39.8 dec=-34:24:18 r=15.20 v= 17560 id=WMMA157 ra=13:34:42.4 dec=-34:01:31 r=16.30 v=     0 id=WMMA158 ra=13:34:45.1 dec=-34:16:42 r=15.74 v= 22108 id=WMMA159 ra=13:34:47.6 dec=-33:33:22 r=12.56 v=  3914 id=WMMA160 ra=13:34:49.7 dec=-33:35:53 r=15.19 v= 11292 id=WMMA161 ra=13:34:55.0 dec=-32:39:20 r=15.10 v=  7447 id=WMMA162 ra=13:34:55.3 dec=-34:33:14 r=15.04 v= 13014 id=WMMA163 ra=13:34:55.9 dec=-34:14:19 r=16.28 v=     0 id=WMMA164 ra=13:34:57.3 dec=-33:34:25 r=16.08 v=     0 id=WMMA165 ra=13:35:01.1 dec=-33:33:21 r=14.15 v= 11402 id=WMMA166 ra=13:35:02.0 dec=-34:28:10 r=16.17 v=     0 id=WMMA168 ra=13:35:08.8 dec=-33:44:19 r=14.66 v=  3698 id=WMMA169 ra=13:35:09.5 dec=-33:15:52 r=13.28 v=  3702 id=WMMA170 ra=13:35:11.7 dec=-33:25:48 r=16.02 v=     0 id=WMMA171 ra=13:35:11.7 dec=-33:37:09 r=12.79 v=  3925 id=WMMA172 ra=13:35:13.4 dec=-34:08:33 r=16.12 v=     0 id=WMMA174 ra=13:35:15.1 dec=-34:08:06 r=15.58 v=     0 id=WMMA175 ra=13:35:15.3 dec=-33:51:47 r=15.51 v=     0 id=WMMA176 ra=13:35:16.9 dec=-33:39:22 r=16.34 v=     0 id=WMMA177 ra=13:35:21.5 dec=-33:29:11 r=16.06 v=     0 id=WMMA178 ra=13:35:29.4 dec=-34:36:19 r=16.13 v=     0 id=WMMA179 ra=13:35:32.6 dec=-34:35:06 r=16.19 v=     0 id=WMMA180 ra=13:35:34.6 dec=-34:21:28 r=16.30 v=     0 id=WMMA181 ra=13:35:37.6 dec=-32:52:04 r=16.19 v=     0 id=WMMA182 ra=13:35:46.9 dec=-33:05:54 r=14.75 v= 12731 id=WMMA183 ra=13:35:48.4 dec=-33:15:50 r=14.94 v= 22237 id=WMMA184 ra=13:35:48.6 dec=-33:13:12 r=16.30 v=     0 id=WMMA185 ra=13:36:02.8 dec=-32:38:24 r=16.29 v=     0 id=WMMA186 ra=13:36:09.1 dec=-32:38:25 r=16.10 v=     0 id=WMMA187 ra=13:36:11.0 dec=-32:39:17 r=16.16 v=     0 id=WMMA188 ra=13:36:21.1 dec=-32:57:09 r=15.80 v=     0 id=WMMA189 ra=13:36:25.2 dec=-33:09:51 r=15.15 v= 12660 id=WMMA190 ra=13:36:30.0 dec=-34:06:25 r=15.61 v=     0 id=WMMA191 ra=13:36:33.5 dec=-34:17:58 r=16.33 v=     0 id=WMMA242 ra=13:36:34.2 dec=-34:01:07 r=15.85 v=     0 id=WMMA192 ra=13:36:34.7 dec=-33:55:59 r=14.09 v=  7691 id=WMMA193 ra=13:36:43.7 dec=-33:45:47 r=15.43 v= 15222 id=WMMA194 ra=13:36:45.2 dec=-32:38:21 r=14.75 v= 12260 id=WMMA195 ra=13:36:45.7 dec=-33:55:19 r=15.66 v=     0 id=WMMA196 ra=13:36:56.0 dec=-33:24:01 r=14.62 v= 15494 id=WMMA197 ra=13:36:56.7 dec=-32:49:51 r=15.42 v= 15327 id=WMMA199 ra=13:37:04.7 dec=-34:04:22 r=15.79 v=     0 id=WMMA200 ra=13:37:11.2 dec=-32:38:32 r=15.43 v=  7364 id=WMMA201 ra=13:37:12.1 dec=-32:48:53 r=15.89 v= 11841 id=WMMA202 ra=13:37:14.6 dec=-33:50:08 r=16.05 v=     0 id=WMMA203 ra=13:37:21.4 dec=-33:40:28 r=14.67 v= 15088 id=WMMA204 ra=13:37:34.6 dec=-33:44:14 r=15.78 v=     0 id=WMMA205 ra=13:37:35.9 dec=-32:42:56 r=15.70 v=     0 id=WMMA206 ra=13:37:37.8 dec=-33:44:08 r=16.04 v= 14867 id=WMMA207 ra=13:37:38.5 dec=-33:24:09 r=12.81 v=  3890 id=WMMA208 ra=13:37:39.8 dec=-33:44:22 r=14.95 v= 14928 id=WMMA209 ra=13:37:45.6 dec=-33:44:17 r=14.32 v= 14840 id=WMMA210 ra=13:37:45.8 dec=-34:08:18 r=16.20 v=     0 id=WMMA211 ra=13:37:55.0 dec=-34:06:26 r=15.82 v=     0 id=WMMA212 ra=13:38:02.2 dec=-33:25:19 r=15.57 v= 15167 id=WMMA213 ra=13:38:03.8 dec=-33:04:57 r=14.59 v= 12184 id=WMMA214 ra=13:38:07.7 dec=-33:50:57 r=15.99 v=     0 id=WMMA215 ra=13:38:08.3 dec=-33:56:00 r=15.61 v=     0 id=WMMA216 ra=13:38:10.1 dec=-34:04:55 r=16.30 v=     0 id=WMMA217 ra=13:38:12.9 dec=-34:07:04 r=16.28 v= 15485 id=WMMA218 ra=13:38:13.9 dec=-33:16:47 r=16.09 v=     0 id=WMMA219 ra=13:38:16.3 dec=-32:47:54 r=15.40 v=  4494 id=WMMA220 ra=13:38:21.9 dec=-34:35:37 r=16.32 v=     0 id=WMMA221 ra=13:38:26.4 dec=-34:07:16 r=15.40 v= 16005 id=WMMA222 ra=13:38:28.5 dec=-33:15:16 r=15.89 v=     0 id=WMMA223 ra=13:38:30.4 dec=-34:38:14 r=15.64 v=     0 id=WMMA224 ra=13:38:34.9 dec=-34:06:53 r=15.08 v= 16013 id=WMMA225 ra=13:38:39.3 dec=-33:19:46 r=16.17 v=     0 id=WMMA244 ra=13:38:39.5 dec=-33:41:15 r=17.13 v= 15288 id=WMMA226 ra=13:38:40.4 dec=-34:07:37 r=15.75 v= 16922 id=WMMA227 ra=13:38:41.0 dec=-33:41:14 r=15.49 v= 15425 id=WMMA228 ra=13:38:46.3 dec=-34:13:12 r=15.65 v=     0 id=WMMA229 ra=13:38:47.7 dec=-34:03:40 r=16.34 v=     0 id=WMMA231 ra=13:38:48.4 dec=-34:10:44 r=14.49 v= 15620 id=WMMA232 ra=13:38:49.4 dec=-33:49:05 r=15.96 v= 14610 id=WMMA233 ra=13:38:52.9 dec=-33:57:47 r=15.56 v=     0 id=WMMA234 ra=13:38:57.2 dec=-32:56:02 r=15.63 v= 11945 id=WMMA235 ra=13:39:01.1 dec=-33:50:50 r=15.59 v=     0 id=WMMA236 ra=13:39:05.1 dec=-33:19:43 r=15.65 v=     0 id=WMMA238 ra=13:39:06.2 dec=-33:48:14 r=16.10 v=     0 id=WMMA237 ra=13:39:06.2 dec=-33:43:54 r=16.30 v=     0 id=WMMA239 ra=13:39:08.2 dec=-33:05:30 r=16.02 v=     0 id=WMMA240 ra=13:39:10.6 dec=-34:17:18 r=14.72 v= 14547

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